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The Donation

Donations are the lifeblood of any endowment fund, and the Dharma Endowment Fund is no exception in this respect. Thankfully, leading members of the Vedic community have already demonstrated their willingness to support this ambitious endeavour, and we have been humbled by the response to date. All of which bodes well for the fund’s future and the financial legacy we intend to consolidate in order to sustain and grow the Dharmic world view.

To this same end, all donations are gratefully received, irrespective of the size, and will be deployed with the utmost care to maximize their ultimate value. Furthermore, you can assign your donation to specific causes within the wider context of the  endowment fund, choosing to support one, two, or more of the impact categories listed here:


Why Donate?

Donations at this stage are reserved for larger donations, in excess of £50,000. When making a donation, you will also join our mailing list and receive timely updates on the Fund’s financial standing and the impact of our disbursements. In addition, you will receive a yearly report on the Fund’s performance, as well as those Dharmic projects it has invested in to date.

For said larger donations, in excess of £50,000, we offer a personal consultation to explore the various impact options. If you’d like to discuss this further, you can book an appointment via the "Book Consultation" button below.



To reiterate, all donations are gratefully received, and each of them will make a real difference: enabling us to create a truly impressive legacy stream that can nourish Vedic culture and advance Dharmic causes in perpetuity.


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