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Our word class team is united in its principal commitments – to preserve Dharmic Culture in all of its traditional forms and extend its global reach in a truly meaningful way. To this end, we have created an Endowment Fund underwritten by the ethical outlook that resides at the heart of the Vedas and the enduring values that underpin them. A fund that marries a resilient investment strategy with a deeper spiritual aim and societal purpose. Combining all three, we aim to ensure that every single donation will have lasting value and help form the basis of an impressive financial legacy. A legacy whose multi-generational impact will be felt throughout the world, far into the future, ensuring the continued vitality of Vedic philosophy, spirituality, and its many other cultural treasures as well.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

Any ambition of this size and scope requires a high level of operational excellence. That’s why we assembled a highly accomplished team who between them have worked for a number of the world’s leading banks, governments, hedge funds, and investments firms; every one of whom is committed to upholding the Dharmic values that inform their careers and lives to this very day. It’s this same wealth of expertise that provides such strong foundations for our charitable enterprise and accounts for its supple approach to investing. As a result, we are well positioned to make the kind of difference in the world that the Fund was set up to embody and inspire.


Operational Excellence

For a more comprehensive understanding of the donation process explore our donation page here


The Donation Process

With your generous assistance, we can provide long-term financial support to initiatives that uphold Dharmic values, celebrate Vedic culture, and benefit the whole of society in the process; creating a legacy that will stand the test of time and grow from year to year.

To learn more, you can acquaint yourself with our team, its investment strategy, or download our brochure for a fuller understanding of the fund in its entirety.


Stand The Test Of Time

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